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Screenshots of GRASS GIS in action

Web services examples

The GRASS Development Team and members of the user community have collected numerous screenshots on these pages.

The GRASS HTMLMAP display driver

GRASS maps can be rendered to a number of output display drivers. Typically this renders to a graphics window on your screen, but by using the HTMLMAP driver you can automatically create an image map suitable for inclusion on a web page. The HTMLMAP driver allows the generation of HTML image maps for area vector data. HTML image maps are used in conjunction with images to provide unique URL targets for different portions of an image. The HTMLMAP driver can create both client-side image maps embedded into HTML files, or server-side image maps used by web server software.

Static web content using automatic batch jobs on back-end servers

Batch-generated earthquake map

Recent Earthquakes: map of earthquakes that have occurred in the last 7 days. A new image is generated every three hours by a GRASS batch job running on a headless server which fetches data from the USGS and creates a logarithmic bubble plot
credit: H. Bowman and M. Neteler

Dynamic web content using PHP

Auto-generated earthquake map (GRASS GIS/PHP based)

Recent Earthquakes: map of earthquakes that have occurred in the last 7 days. Image is generated on the fly by a GRASS PHP script which fetches data from the USGS and creates a calibrated bubble plot
credit: M. Neteler

Interactive Web User Interfaces

PyWPS (Python Web Processing Service) is an implementation of the Web Processing Service standard from the Open Geospatial Consortium.

Processes can be written using GRASS GIS, but the use of other programs is also possible. For example, it may be used together with the R geo-statistics package or GDAL or PROJ tools.

OpenLayers WPS explore and edit the world demo
credit: Jáchym Čepický

OpenLayers WPS interactive image classification, lines-of-sight and shortest path demo.
credit: Jáchym Čepický

Embrio vector network shortest path routing using the module
code credit: Luca Casagrande & Lorenzo Becchi
screenshot: H. Bowman

ka-Map - PyWPS interface with complete web-based GIS
code credit: Luca Casagrande & Lorenzo Becchi
screenshot: J. Čepický


Web Map Service is a live geospatial data server system developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium. Two popular implementations are NASA World Wind and Google Earth. There are many more WMS servers on the Internet, here is a list of a few.

GRASS can load geospatial data directly from an online WMS server with the module. A simpler interface pre-tuned to NASA's OnEarth server is provided by the module from the GRASS wiki add-ons page. module GUI

The WMS download and automatic reprojection module Tcl/Tk GUI, ready to download LANDSAT-7 imagery for the current map region from NASA's OnEarth WMS server
screenshot: H. Bowman


See the GRASS and MapServer page on the GRASS Wiki site.

Live GRASS / MapServer demo
credit: M. Neteler


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