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Screenshots of GRASS GIS in action

Visualization and volumetric 3D examples

The GRASS Development Team and members of the user community have collected numerous screenshots on these pages.

GRASS includes the NVIZ visualization suite which is capable of rendering spectacular 3D snd 4D images and animations from 2D and 3D raster and vector maps.

The keyframe animator in NVIZ can write directly to a MPEG or Xvid movie, or create a series of still frame images for use with another encoder. In addition, the r.out.mpeg module can be used to make a movie out of a series of raster maps.

For details, see the NVIZ user manual.

It is also possible to export GRASS 2D and 3D data to other powerful visualization software such as Paraview, MayaVi, and Vis5D+ using the VTK, V5D, and VRML output modules.


Visualization of a USGS Digital Raster Graphics (DRG)
map for Spearfish, South Dakota created with NVIZ
screenshot: Markus Neteler

LANDSAT-7 image of Dunedin, New Zealand extracted from NASA's WMS with the add-on module and draped over a 10m DEM. Spectral tuning was performed with the i.landsat.rgb module.
screenshot: Hamish Bowman

Olympus Mons, Mars topography from Mars Global Surveyor MOLA data
screenshot: Hamish Bowman

NVIZ keyframe animation tour of the North Atlantic from ETOPO data
(movie, 4.0mb)
animation: Bob Covill - Tekmap Consulting

Fly-through tour of Spearfish, South Dakota (movie, 3.0mb)
animation: Bob Covill - Tekmap Consulting

South America's relief profile shown using a moving cutting plane in NVIZ (movie, 2.4mb)
animation: Bob Covill - Tekmap Consulting


Slovakia 3D precipitation voxel volume isosurfaces
screenshot: Helena Mitasova

Slovakia precipitation 3D raster data with isosurfaces added in NVIZ
screenshot: Helena Mitasova

3D vector object imported from DXF in NVIZ
screenshot: Markus Neteler

ETOPO5 3-D tour of the Americas movie (MPEG, 2.5mb)
animation: Bob Covill - Tekmap Consulting

The flight path for the ETOPO5 3-D movie
screenshot: Bob Covill - Tekmap Consulting


POV-Ray image created with the r.out.pov module
screenshot: Markus Neteler

Click here and here to see more GRASS/POV-Ray examples and control scripts
screenshot: Markus Neteler

Orthophoto draped over a high resolution DEM in NVIZ
(near Hannover, Germany)
screenshot: Markus Neteler

Crooked Arm and Doubtful Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand
At 836m Browne Falls is the tallest waterfall in NZ and the 9th tallest in the world. Lake Chamberlain Falls, just to the north (right), is the world's 27th tallest.
screenshot: Hamish Bowman
(Nautical chart NZ7624 courtesy of the LINZ Hydrographic Service,
Crown Copyright Reserved, redistribution permitted)


Interpolation of dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) in the Chesapeake Bay (MPEG movie)
animation: Helena Mitasova

Predictive error of interpolation
screenshot: Helena Mitasova

Change in spatial distribution of a chemical over several years, interpolated from well data scattered in 3D space and time using 4-variate interpolation and visualized as animated isosurfaces. Rendered in GRASS 4.1 with SG3d (the predecessor to NVIZ)
animation: Helena Mitasova

3D canyon fly-though movie made with the NVIZ keyframe animator. You might recognize this area from the GRASS startup screen.
animation: USACE / CERL

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