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Screenshots of GRASS GIS in action

Remote sensing examples

The GRASS Development Team and members of the user community have collected numerous screenshots on these pages.

Imagery data is treated as raster maps in GRASS, but there are a number of special modules specifically designed to help with image processing.

For details, see the imagery and raster map processing guides.

* LIDAR processing: v.lidar.* modules,, wiki page
* Satellite data import: formats, i.fusion.brovey, i.oif, i.pca, i.cluster, i.landsat.rgb


Sea floor bathymetry from MB-System imported and gridded with the module.
screenshot: H. Bowman


LANDSAT-7 image of Dunedin, New Zealand before i.landsat.rgb color enhancement
screenshot: H. Bowman

LANDSAT-7 image of Dunedin, New Zealand after i.landsat.rgb color enhancement
"i.landsat.rgb -p strength=97"
screenshot: H. Bowman


GIS Manager displaying MODIS Rapid Response System realtime data
screenshot: Markus Neteler


Part of Northern Germany as seen from ASTER/TERRA at 15m resolution, 26 August 2000 at 10:59:33 UTC. Colors represent surface reflectance (green, red and simulated blue channels). Note the magnified ship on the North Sea (upper left zoom window) and the magnified part of Langeoog island.
screenshot: Markus Neteler

Dune Migration at Jockey's Ridge State Park, North Carolina
Infrared photo draped on USGS LIDAR data
screenshot: Helena Mitasova

Perspective view of imagery with custom grid overlay in NVIZ
(Northern Germany)
screenshot: Markus Neteler

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