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Screenshots of GRASS GIS in action

User interface screenshots

The GRASS Development Team and members of the user community have collected numerous screenshots on these pages.

[ GRASS Installation - wxPython (new GUI) - Tcl/TK GUI - Quantum GIS with GRASS toolbox ]

winGRASS installer
screenshot: Markus Neteler

MacOSX installer
screenshot: William Kyngesburye

wxPython GUI

GRASS's Tcl/Tk graphical user interface is currently undergoing a complete rewrite using wxPython. It is default GUI for GRASS 6.4+ available for usage. More screenshots available at User Wiki.
screenshots: M. Landa and M. Neteler

3D view mode (GRASS 6.5)

Startup screen (GRASS 6.3)

The location wizard provides a number of ways to set the map projection:
from a geodata file, using an EPSG code, set parameters manually, ...)

The location wizard also helps you select the appropriate geodetic
datum and transform parameters for your map projection.

Main map display window (GRASS 6.3)

GIS layer manager (GRASS 6.3)

Attribute Table Manager (GRASS 6.3)

Module GUIs

Vector digitization tool (GRASS 6.3)

Tcl/Tk Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Versions 4.2 - 6.4 of GRASS used a succession of three different Tcl/Tk based GUIs as the classic user interface. For details of the most modern of these see the GIS Manager user manual and the screenshots below. New development on the Tcl/Tk GUIs has ceased in favor of the wxPython replacement.


Startup and location definition

Definition of a new GRASS location using the given EPSG code 3005
screenshot: M. Neteler

Selection of geodetic datum for EPSG code 3005
screenshot: M. Neteler

Map Display window

GIS manager display window
screenshot: M. Barton

Profile tool

screenshots: M. Barton

Georectification tool

screenshots: M. Barton


Module GUI in simple Chinese (the underlying .po file is coded in UTF-8). As of this writing, GRASS has been fully or partially translated into twenty languages.
screenshot: M. Neteler

QGIS (Quantum GIS) GUI

The QGIS software gives access to key GRASS modules through a user-friendly plugin toolbox. QGIS can view GRASS maps directly alongside GIS data of many other formats.

QGIS with GRASS support
screenshot: M. Neteler

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